Clear Span Metal Buildings: Best Option to Make Ultimate Personal Aircraft Hangars
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Clear Span Metal Buildings: Best Option to Make Ultimate Personal Aircraft Hangars

Clear Span Metal Buildings: Best Option To Make Ultimate Personal Aircraft Hangars
  • December 22, 2023

Are you in the phase of buying a private jet? Whether you own a Nextant, Embraer, Cessna Citation, or something similar, owning a private jet has its own joy. A private jet starts from 2 million and goes up to 75 million and beyond. So, its parking also needs to be robust & sturdy.

Have you considered a clear span steel hangar for your dazzling jet? Yes, you read that right. Steel hangar is the most robust and durable, maintaining its structural integrity with time. Additionally, you can design its external look to compliment your personality. So, without any further ado, let’s start.

The Story Of Aircraft Steel Hangar, From Buying To Installation.

It always begins with this fundamental question: Where do you start? And let’s be practical. It’s not that easy to get a precise answer. Having said that, let’s begin…

1. The Size & Model Of Your Airplane

Your metal hangar size largely depends on the size of your private jet. For example, the Cessna Citation Latitude, with a maximum seating of 9 passengers, has:

  • width ~ 72.4 ft.
  • length ~ 62.3 ft.
  • height ~ 20.11 ft.
  • weight ~ 31 lbs. (max. ramp weight)

Calculating your aircraft’s dimensions will help determine your steel hangar’s minimum size. You can get metal hangars in various sizes, some of them are listed as follows:

  • 50×50
  • 80×70
  • 60×100
  • 120×100
  • 100×200

2. Your Lot Size & Soil Type

The area available on your property is crucial in determining if you can actually install the hangar for the size of your aircraft. Now, once you are done measuring the area, the next thing is to determine the soil type. For that, you can hire a soil testing expert to conduct soil analysis. This will help you decide what kind of foundation will suit your location the best.

3. Do You Need Extra Space?

You may be thinking of parking a car or some storage alongside your private jet hangar. That’s alright! Using space for multipurpose is a smart move. However, that means you are going to need a larger space. If you decide on having some storage space for keeping items like cleaning equipment, paints, etc., you are going to need space for cabinets and shelves.

4. Finding A Reputed Certified Metal Dealer

Your private jet is an expensive investment. You can’t just keep it in a shelter that can collapse with a small gust of wind. Hence, you need to be reassured your metal hangar is of the best quality. One way to do that is to buy it from a reputed steel builder with industry experience.

5. Getting Permit

Every county or city in the US has its own local building codes and guidelines that Americans are supposed to follow. Most of these guidelines are designed with security and safety in mind. Following local zoning law and complying with local building codes is crucial to avoid any future delays in steel hangar construction. Viking Metal Garages experts are available on call. They will guide you in finding a clear span steel hangar for your private jet.

That’s the whole story that goes behind buying. But wait…there is more. How can we forget the installation part? Have a look at some essential tips for installing a metal hanger.

  • Clearing The Site: Your site must be clean and level for laying concrete foundations. You can remove any plantation, rocks, and boulders from that area.
  • Installing Utilities: You definitely need electricity and water pipelines for lighting & cleaning purposes in your metal hangar.
  • Have A Concrete Foundation: Why a concrete slab? Because it is the most durable and robust, lasts long, and can bear high loads without cracking.
  • Organize The Storage: It would be best to install cabinets, vertical shelves, and racks for storage.

Now you may think, “Why go around so much hassle when you can just rent out a space to keep your private jet?“. Hmm… keeping your airplane at a commercial hangar will break your bank. A good hangar with a polished floor can cost around $5k monthly. That’s going to be pretty expensive in the long run. So, the best thing to do is to install a steel hangar on your property. But why steel? Let’s see…

Pros Of Having Your Very Own Aircraft Hangar Made of Steel

We will give you 3 valid reasons to choose steel.

Reason #1. Clear Span & Sturdy

First, let’s talk about how sturdy. You see, steel structures do not expand or contract with changing weather. Further, steel is an inorganic material. That means no rotting posts or decaying panels. Unfortunately, this can’t be the case with the best wooden building. Being organic, they are meant to decay with time.

Next is the option of a clear span. But what is it? Simply put –

  • There are no internal support columns inside your hangar.
  • It would be much easier to park your aircraft inside a hangar without obstruction.
  • There are fewer chances of getting bumped or scratched.
  • You get maximum usage out of the available square footage.
  • As steel can bear more load, it can be designed to be up to 300 ft. wide with no internal structural support.
  • You can get a steel hangar as long as you want.

Perks of Opting For Clear Span Steel Building For Your Private Jet

  • Enough space for aircraft to sit when idle.
  • Safe from natural calamities and prying eyes.
  • Larger metal buildings are more affordable than their wooden counterparts (when the cost is compared per sq. ft.).
  • Easy to expand.
  • Getting insurance is inexpensive.
  • Certified steel buildings ensure longevity.
  • You can repurpose your steel structure in the future.

Reason #2. Resistance

The certified steel structure has virtually no effect of weather, fire, high-speed winds, snow, pests, termites, or mildew on it. That implies your building’s structural integrity remains intact for a longer time with minimum maintenance.

Steel buildings are durable and resist pests, fire, and weather. They can also be recycled at the end of life.

Reason #3. Affordable & Customizable

Minimum upkeep? Aaahaa…you read that right. With certified steel buildings, you would need to clean them and check for rusting. That’s all. No need to set aside a monthly budget for pests’ inspection and control, nor do you need to worry about snow load or speedy winds.

Now that you are convinced, a steel hangar will be cost-effective in the long run. You would be delighted to know that steel buildings are also highly customizable. You can still use the hangar if you decide to sell your private jet. How? You can convert it into a complete storage unit or rent it out. You can even use external façade options to make your hangar stand out.

Why Choose Viking Metal Garages?

We have a wealth of experience in the industry, spanning over 25 years and over 10,000 units of metal structure installations. Our steel buildings are sourced from the top manufacturers in America and delivered to you. We offer a range of metal garage buildings, from carports to clear-span steel buildings, at the best market price without compromising quality.

We believe in delivering the best customer experience. Call (704)-741-1587 today and get your metal hangar to park your private jet from us.

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