Common Metal Buildings Complaints That You Might Have
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Common Metal Buildings Complaints That You Might Have

Common Metal Buildings Complaints That You Might Have
  • November 4, 2020

Are you looking to buy a metal building for your versatile requirements?

No doubt! A metal building is indeed the right choice; prefab steel structures have several benefits over traditional structures. Pre-engineered metal buildings are a modern building solution, and you must choose it to avoid the constraints of traditional wooden buildings. You can have the best return in terms of quality on your metal building investment.

However, there are some crucial factors that you should consider before making the purchase. If you didn’t buy your steel garage from the right dealer, then you might face some problems that you can deter with us.

Let’s discuss what complaints you can have from your metal building and how we make sure you never face any of these problems.

Metal Garages have Short Life: The age of the shed completely depends on the building quality of your metal buildings. Your shed might not last for long if you buy a lousy quality metal building. Many steel building dealers lure you with the lowest steel building prices but deliver the low quality steel shed that won’t stand for long. Hence, buying the cheapest one isn’t the right way to buy a metal shed. You should look for a reputed metal building dealer that is known for the quality.

If you make the purchase from the right place, then you’ll have a high-quality, robust shed that stands strong for decades.

If you consider the Viking Metal Garages, we always prioritize customer satisfaction and provide hurricane-rated metal buildings. We are confident with our quality, and giving a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. Hence, there is an assurity of the longevity of your shed with us.

Steel Buildings are Extravagant: There is no way you’ll face this complaint from your metal shed, as steel garages are the most affordable shed option. You only pay a reasonable price for your quality steel building. Steel buildings are available at economical prices. Moreover, you can benefit from several sales that go live on numerous festivals and events like Labor Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, Thanksgiving Day Sale, etc.

Apart from the structure’s price, the installation cost is very lower than the conventional building construction due to panelization. You can install the same size structure with the low labor if you opt for the steel building system. Moreover, the steel garages need less often maintenance than conventional sheds, reducing the operation cost. Hence, it’s clear that metal buildings aren’t expensive.

Still, we are offering amazing warranties and free delivery and installation to ease your financial burden. You can also choose our flexible payment options like RTO and metal building financing if you can’t afford the whole payment at once.

Metal Buildings Can’t Withstand Extreme Weather: If you get a commercial rated steel building, then it’s completely false that steel buildings can’t protect you during harsh weather. Always seek the quality, and you’ll never regret the service of any product. If you get a poor quality shed, then no matter what product is, it will fail you for sure. You should ensure that your steel garage meets your local building codes and can safeguard your assets in adverse weather.

We promise you the utmost quality shed that can protect you for years. Moreover, we provide certified steel buildings that show the wind/snow load-bearing ratings of your structure. So, you can get assured of weather protection with our certified metal buildings.

Late Deliveries: This is the most common problem of the customers, and if you don’t order your building right then, you might also have to wait some more than the promised time. Deliveries are mostly affected by the weather and the location of the delivery. If your manufacturer is way farther from your location, than you have to wait a little longer. So, choose a metal building dealer that serves the most and your location.

On the other hand, delivery delays are common during the winter because snowfall blocks the roads and interrupts the transportation. So, it’s always good to schedule your metal building installation in the warmer days to get your shed on time.

Viking Metal Garages is a popular metal building dealer and serves all across the country. We have the minimum delivery time and delivery and install your building on time.

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Steel Garages are Prone to Rust: Most of the metals are prone to rust, and low quality steel buildings also have this drawback. However, galvanized steel buildings with properly processed chemical treatments don’t entertain rusting or corrosion.

We use 100% American galvanized steel that doesn’t age or rust and serves you effectively for decades. Hence, you don’t have to worry about corrosion if you buy from us.

These are some complaints that you might have if you don’t buy right. You can also see that we make every possible effort to avoid these problems that you can encounter with the shed.

For ordering your shed and any support, call our metal building experts at (704)-823-6732.