Know All About Metal Building Trusses
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Know All About Metal Building Trusses

Know All About Metal Building Trusses
  • October 27, 2020

If you are getting a steel structure, you must have done your research about metal buildings’ superiority over other options. Pre-engineered metal buildings have several benefits and overcome the drawbacks of the traditional sheds. Steel sheds are better than conventional structures almost every way, and you are making the right decision.

Pre-engineered steel structures have various components, which play a crucial role in making the metal structures the best from other alternatives.

In this article, we’ll discuss the metal trusses. Let’s know – What are trusses, functions, features, and benefits?

What are Metal Building Truss & Its Role?

Metal building trusses are the triangular roof supporting structures that evenly distribute the load and ensure the structures’ horizontal stability. Trusses hold the roof load; make your structure stand firm even in extreme weather.

Trusses are most-widely used in a broad range of buildings, mainly where there is a requirement for very long spans, such as in airport terminals, aircraft hangers, sports stadiums, auditoriums, and other leisure buildings.

Trusses are used in structures for a long period. The things that are changed are the material used for making the trusses. Now, engineers recommend the use of steel trusses to the extensive benefits over the traditional wooden trusses.

What are Metal Trusses Designs?

There are different metal trusses used to fulfill specific purposes. Generally, there are three types of steel trusses; Gable truss, Header truss, and Lean-to truss. Gable trusses have a 4:12 slope, and size ranges from 20′ to 50′. Moreover, header trusses are available in 12′ to 30′ wide sizes, and lean-to trusses have a 1:12 slope available from 12′-30’ wide.

What are the Benefits of Steel Trusses?

Steel is the Strongest:

Steel is the strongest building material than others. Steel has the maximum strength-to-weight ratio, which makes the trusses and building itself robust. Your shed can withstand adverse weather conditions easily. The trusses give amazing support to the roof, making your roof protect you and your belongings.

Metal building manufacturers use commercial grade steel to fabricate your structure and framing to provide the safest shed. Hence, steel trusses play an important role in making steel structures weather-proof.


The galvanized steel structures and components aren’t prone to rusting or aging. Steel trusses have immunity against rusting and don’t rot or degrade like wooden trusses. Metal trusses have a longer life than conventional wood trusses.

The anti-corrosive property of the steel and special chemical treatment makes the steel trusses serve effectively for decades. Hence, your structure will stand strong with metal trusses for a long time, serving the most secured shelter.

Easy Installation:

Steel trusses are way easier to install than conventional trusses. The steel is lightweight and easy to handle and set up for the installers. This will also reduce the construction and labor cost. Steel trusses are lightweight, but it doesn’t mean you compromise with quality. As discussed above, steel trusses have the maximum strength, and you get the most reliable support for your roof.

Fire Resistance:

This is the most crucial feature or benefit of the steel trusses. When you consider the traditional trusses, then you can’t be sure about the fire protection. However, with the steel trusses and building, you can better protect against fire. As steel is non-combustible and can’t burn. The metal trusses don’t fuel the flames and limit the spread, which is beneficial.

Infestation Free:

Mold and pests are the most common issues in the sheds, and building owners try various ways to limit mildew growth. However, if your place is damp and the shed is made of organic elements, you have to spend significant money on pest control.

However, with steel trusses, there is no pest control required. As steel is inorganic and doesn’t entertain any infestation. So, steel trusses and garages are the best way to cut-off the pest control expenses and stay economical.

These are some important things about the integral component of a building, i.e., trusses. Steel trusses are the most reliable and make your shed strong. Steel trusses increase the life of your building as steel is a highly durable material. It lasts longer with proper coating and can bear high stress and pressure. You must consider the steel trusses regardless of the building system. However, it’s always beneficial to have pre-engineered metal garages. So, order your metal garage now!

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