The Role Of Steel Buildings In Modernizing Wastewater Treatment Facilities

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The Role Of Steel Buildings In Modernizing Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Role Of Steel Buildings In Modernizing Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • May 31, 2024

There are more than 16,000 publicly owned wastewater treatment systems (POTWs) in the United States. These facilities treat wastewater from human activities like washing clothes, flushing toilets, and commercial water use. They help reduce the impact on nature and the surrounding environment by removing harmful and toxic elements from the water before discharging them back into streams or other water bodies. POTWs need large and efficient buildings that last long and are cost-effective. A metal building wastewater facility is a great alternative to traditional ones.

Here Is Why You Should Choose Metal Buildings As Wastewater Treatment Facility

1. Durable & Robust Building

One of the top challenges wastewater treatment plants face is the aging infrastructure. Structural steel can easily tackle this problem. It is 25 times stronger than traditional construction material and retains its structural integrity with time.

Steel is also dense and non-porous, so water seeping through walls and panels is less likely. Addressing infrastructural problems with steel can reduce frequent future replacements and maintenance efforts.

Cleaning wastewater facility steel buildings is also pretty easy. It does not require harsh chemical agents. So, you can easily recycle the filtered water from the waste management plant.

2. Fast Construction

In the US, sanitary sewer overflows are becoming a problem. Once the capacity of the intake exceeds, untreated water gets into waterways. A large volume of storm water gets into the sewer, which can cause overflow and equipment failure. The good news is that wastewater facility steel buildings can be ready within a few weeks.

You can start the installation process once you order and secure the permit. Most of the raw material parts are made in the factory before shipping, reducing assembling time and intensive labor requirements.

In addition, prefab metal structures start from $10 to $25 per square foot and can be made to meet and exceed the local building code requirement. They will remain sturdy and stand firm in the worst weather conditions.

3. Cost Effective Building

You can design a metal building wastewater facility to be energy efficient. This not only saves money in the long run but also reduces the load on overall operational costs. To reduce energy bills, you can add steel building features such as windows, large-size doors, vents like louvers, insulation, and natural lighting.

One of the biggest problems with wastewater treatment facilities is rusting. But with galvanized steel frames and panels, you can make your structure rust-resistant. With proper insulation and vent systems, common problems like pest infestation, mold, and mildew growth can be kept at bay. On top of it, the upkeep cost, such as re-painting, re-fireproofing, etc., is not needed on a yearly basis. This saves money and time.

4. Clear Span Design

One of the fundamental challenges in constructing a wastewater treatment plant is the availability of land. Water and wastewater treatment plants require up to 70 acres or even more land area. In addition, they shouldn’t be near a residential neighborhood because people may fear foul odors and unpleasant sights. With a clear span design, maximum land use can be easily achieved.

Metal buildings can span up to 300 feet wide without any internal support columns. This gives freedom to set up internal sections, from the office area and control rooms to other computerized monitoring sections. Since most office work will be done in one single unit, this will increase productivity and efficiency.

You can install modular and compact techs along with mobile water & wastewater treatment solutions effectively with a clear span steel building.

5. Versatile & Customizable

Metal buildings offer versatile design options that allow you to customize the layout to match your specific requirements. Whether you need to accommodate changing needs or growing demands, steel structures stand firm.

Prefab metal structures can be used to meet specific needs. You can design the layout to create an easy flow path for wastewater through the facility. Metal buildings also make it very easy to attain access to equipment and maintenance areas.

Add natural lighting sources such as ridge vents, clerestory windows, and translucent panels to increase natural light inside. This will reduce dependency on power. Active and passive vent systems will help regulate the fresh air inside, creating a comfortable workspace for staff.

Bonus: Easy Technology Integration

Proper technology integration is necessary to ensure all systems work effectively. You can install smart utility functions, such as computer-controlled HVAC, sensors, etc., to gather real-time data and analysis.

Technology integration improves efficiency and reduces the cost of wastewater treatment. Advanced technologies like IFAS, MBR, or MABR, smart monitoring systems, and energy-efficient practices can be included. By maximizing automation in plants, operations that otherwise would have been unpleasant can continue.

Choose The Right Metal Dealer For Your Wastewater Facility Steel Buildings

Viking Metal Garages understands the importance of effective wastewater management. That’s why we offer a metal building wastewater facility that can be customized to your unique needs. Call (704)-741-1587 to get a free quote on clear span buildings!

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