Understanding The Benefits Of Vertical Roof Garages

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Understanding The Benefits Of Vertical Roof Garages

Understanding The Benefits Of Vertical Roof Garages
  • June 14, 2024

Are you in the market for a new garage space? Why settle for anything less than a vertical roof metal garage? It’s an absolute game changer when it comes to durability, low upkeep, and longevity. By using excellent-quality structural steel, we have innovative designs that protect from rain, snow, wind, and debris without causing damage over time. So, let’s see some of the benefits of this style of roofing.

What Is Vertical Roofing Style?

A vertical roof is made of corrugated metal panels. The ridges here run perpendicular to the ground, so dirt or debris cannot slide off quickly. Metal panels also have lower friction compared to wood, so they aid dust in sliding away from the roof toward the ground due to the force of gravity.

To install a vertical roof, extra materials are required, namely purlins, braces, and a ridge cap. These hold panels in place and seal them correctly. You can also install structural trim to add functionality and look.

Installing a vertical roof requires precision, so it is best left to the professionals. At Viking Metal Garages, we include delivery and installation in our final quote, so you don’t have to worry about finding a construction crew.

Here Are 8 Benefits Of Choosing Vertical Roof Garages

#1. Endurance Against External Weather

Vertical roof garages are best known for their resistance to extreme weather conditions. You can get certified steel that withstands wind of up to 190 miles per hour or snow load of up to 80 pounds per square foot. Steel garages are long-lasting structures that perform well under pressure. 

#2. Better Water & Snow Shedding Ability

Vertical roofs are engineered to be aerodynamic by design, so water and snow can flow off with minimal resistance. In traditional horizontal roofs, water, snow, and other debris can accumulate in the valleys of the panels. This can lead to moisture buildup and damages such as leaks.

You can opt for a steep-slope vertical roof that encourages drainage and swiftly directs water and snow away from the base. This helps prevent moisture, mold, and mildew growth. Since snow does not sit on the roof for long, the panels do not rot or decay.

#3. Fire & Pest Resistance

Metal is a non-combustible, dense, inorganic material. Pests like termites and rodents generally don’t find metal very attractive for housing, so they keep their distance from it. With vertical roof garages, you can install an insulator and a fire retardant coating. This will further increase the resistance against heat transfer and make the building fireproof. 

You won’t need to spend on monthly termite inspection and control. Insurance companies know about the benefits of metal, so they offer up to 30% less on premiums.

#4. Better Reflectivity

Since a vertical roof is installed at an angle, incoming sunlight can be reflected by it. If you want natural light inside your garage, install a solar tube, ridge light, or skylight. It will bring in natural light without direct sun.

It helps retain the indoor cooler than the surrounding. You can install a roof insulator to reduce heat loss from the roof, which can account for up to 25%. 

#5. Structural Integrity

Since dirt and debris do not sit on vertical garage panels for very long, they do not require frequent cleaning. Repair and replacement are also less frequent. Steel can tolerate the impact of hail and thunderstorms, keeping your belongings safe. It does not crack, bend, or twist due to changing weather, thereby retaining its structural strength with time.

The vertical roof metal garage retains its value for longer, making it an attractive option for potential buyers.

#6. Modern Aesthetics

vertical roof garages offer a modern and sleek look. They have a clean finish with structural trim enclosing any panels’ edge abrasiveness. You can add classic colors like black or white to it. Many metal builders give color options for roof panels, trim, side walls, wainscots, and doors.

You can match your vertical garage with an existing building to give it a seamless appeal. We currently offer more than 10 color options, so don’t forget to check them out before ordering. Steel garages offer various customization features.

#7. Energy Efficient

By installing insulation and vents on both sides of the gable ends, you can make your vertical roof metal garage an energy-saving building. Vertical roofs are inclined such that solar panels will capture maximum sunlight to generate power.

Not only that but by saving energy, you can claim a tax credit of up to $3,200 per year from the government.

#8. Longevity & Low Upkeep

Vertical roof metal garages do not demand high upkeep or frequent cleaning. Once assembled correctly, they can last for decades without re-painting or re-coating. Galvanized steel is rust-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about corrosion in frames or posts.

Elevate Your Parking With Viking Metal Garages’ Vertical Roof Excellence

Say goodbye to cramped wooden garages and hello to spacious metal buildings with endless possibilities. With a vertical roof, your garage space becomes safe, secure, and robust. Get certified steel and forget about pests, water clogging the roof, or snow load on panels. Invest in a vertical roof garage today and get peace of mind. Call (704)-741-1587 for a free quote or to talk to our team.