Metal Home Buildings Vs. Traditional Homes: Which Is Right For You?
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Metal Home Buildings Vs. Traditional Homes: Which Is Right For You?

Metal Home Buildings Vs. Traditional Homes: Which Is Right For You?
  • November 2, 2023

As time passes, purchasing affordable housing has become increasingly difficult. Back in 2010, the median price of existing homes was $173,000. In stark contrast, the average cost of homes sold in 2023 is $430,300. So, what can we do about it? We cannot control land and real estate inflation, but we can choose to invest in a more cost-effective home for the long term.

A metal home building offers the perfect blend of beauty and low maintenance. In general, metal homes are known as Barndominiums. To learn more about it, check out our blog [blog_nm]. You can get steel home in sizes 40x30x12 to 50x60x12, depending upon your requirements & lot size. How about we look at some of the benefits you can get from metal structures compared to traditional homes?

Metal Home Buildings Are Affordable In The Long Run

For a wooden home, you may have to pay an average price less than what you would pay for a steel home. But, as you increase the size of the building, the cost per square foot becomes negligible. Also, labor cost is high for a wooden frame.

Not to mention, you have to look from the perspective of a long-term cost benefit. A timber frame may cost you less but will have a higher maintenance. A steel frame may have a slightly higher initial price but will demand less upkeep.

Fast Installation

Wooden timbers are cut into standard sizes in a factory. After that, when you want to construct a home, you need to modify them according to your architectural plan. Traditional wooden houses take much wood cutting, dust, and time. These dusts are harmful to your health as well. It may cause skin allergies or irritation in the eyes or nose.

Raw materials for your metal structure are cut and drilled in the factory itself. So, all that needs to be done at the installation site is to assemble them together to form a structure. Easy right? Some metal suppliers offer free shipping and installation, so remember to check them out. Many steel dealers have various colors & sizes available for you to select. Go for the one that is nearest to the desired dimension. You can fully customize your steel home, too.

Upkeep Cost Are Low

The second expense after buying a home is its maintenance. With traditional houses, the cost of upkeep is pretty high. For a 1,500 sq. ft. log cabin home, upkeep costs can run between $3,000 to $7,500. If not maintained, wood may end up rotting. That’s a lot of money slipping away from your hands annually.

When you switch to a metal structure, you have to paint it once a decade & keep your home clean, which you will do anyway. Removing dirt & debris on your metal roof or side wall panels makes your structure helps prevent rusting. You will need to monitor the insulator functioning correctly. And there you are – done with the maintenance part.

Steel Home Are Energy Efficient

  • By installing a reflective roof, you can redirect heat from the sun. This will put less pressure on your HAVC system to work.
  • With insulated wall panels, chances of condensation will become minimal, and you will have full control of temperature regulation.
  • No moisture and humidity build-up implies less chance of developing molds & unhygienic mildew.
  • The government also have several reward plans for energy-saving building, both residential & commercial.

Metal Is Durable

With a wooden home, you have to spend monthly on pest inspection and control. Even if there are no visible signs of termites, you still have to get it checked for precaution. On top of it, wood catches fire very easily. That’s why we use wooden logs during winter. You must constantly monitor a traditional wooden home for warping, rotting, cracking, etc.

Now, with metal home buildings, there are no toxic chemical sprays that you have to tolerate occasionally. Just relax & enjoy your life, plus save money on pest control. Metal has a very high melting point. Therefore, they won’t get burned down quickly in the event of a fire.

Additionally, if you have an insulator installed in your metal structure, it will further slow the spread of fire. This will give you enough time to vacate the building & extinguish the fire. So, metal buildings are not just healthy but also safe.

You Get An Open Layout With A Steel Home

Let’s clear it out straightaway – you can’t have a traditional wooden home without a column, not at least for the larger ones. Wooden beams may seem like an obstruction for open concepts, which are popular these days.

With steel and without any headache, you can opt for a clear span structure. There won’t be any columns, and you get complete freedom to design an open floor plan as per your taste. So, don’t let affordable & stylish housing slip away. Secure your place in the housing market by buying a steel home from Viking Metal Garages today.

You Can Opt For Higher Ceilings

There is a limit up to which you can extend the height of a traditional home. For a stick-built structure, you need to keep adding more and more support columns and extra frames to achieve a sturdy building. This will eat up a lot of square footage. Steel is an exception to that rule.

You can make your metal structure as high as 40 ft. or above and can still have a column-free open interior plan. Yes, that’s right. And the cherry on the cake is you can add the mezzanine floor as an intermediate floor to use it as a family entertainment area or a workstation. Now, that’s a great deal.

Future Expansion Is Easy

You will need more support frames, columns, and timbers to expand a traditional wooden home. The bigger the size, the more complicated the design will become. Additionally, older wood may have undergone a lot of stress, so they might not just balance out with the new ones. But that’s not the case with steel.

If you plan to expand your metal home to a bigger size, you need to talk about it with your metal supplier. That’s because, for expansion purposes, your steel dealer will install a removal support end wall. This panel can be easily removed and reinstalled in the future to add more side metal walls. Enlarging your square footage can be made easy and hassle-free with the help of this solution.

Final Verdict

Things that matter when comparing traditional houses vs. metal buildings:

  • Your budget
  • After-care cost
  • Dimension
  • Raw material availability
  • Design & aesthetics
  • Your lifestyle

Get Your First Steel Home From Viking Metal Garages

It’s time to take action. Get your first affordable steel housing from Viking Metal Garages, so don’t wait any longer. Get out and secure your place in the housing market before it’s too late. Dial (704)-741-1587 for metal home buildings now.

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