Why Small To Large Businesses Love Metal Garage Buildings

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Why Small To Large Businesses Love Metal Garage Buildings

Why Small To Large Businesses Love Metal Garage Buildings
  • October 18, 2023

A garage is a place where big business ideas are born. Speak off Google LLC., Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft, Dell, or Walt Disney Co. – all have their humble start in a garage. But what is so profound about a garage anyway? You see…today’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) look at these giants as an inspiration for their own companies.

Additionally, it is not just a random fact that a business starts off in a home garage. It has more to do with lowering the operational cost of a brand while it takes off. This is why steel garages are the best place to invest in as your first office, retail store, or storage facility. We have discussed 7 key factors below to help you know why modern-day businesses choose steel structures.

Top 7 Reasons Why Small, Medium & Large Businesses Loves To Shop Metal Garages Building

No. 1: Fast Assembly

You can get standard-sized steel garages whose posts and frames are pre-cut & drilled in the factory. This means you can get the delivery of raw material faster & on time. The only thing that remains in the aftermath is the installation. We are proud to tell you that we also have a practical & experienced installation worker who finishes their work on or before time.

If you want to shop metal garages with customizable features like color, height, or extended width, contact Viking Metal Garages today. Fast assembly means you can start early. If you are using steel garages as a commercial storage unit, you can start generating revenue as early as possible. You know the famous saying, “The early bird gets the worm.”

No. 2: Reduce Operational Cost

All businesses, small or giant, like to keep their operational cost as low as possible. This is because all the charge at the final stage is added to the brand’s product or service pricing. And we know that every company wants to deliver their product competitively to capture their respective market. So, how does a metal building help reduce operational costs? Let’s see…

Reduce Energy Bills

  • Insulators help control temperature. Hence, the HAVC system does not have to work hard.
  • Affordable insulators like fiberglass help prevent condensation and moisture buildup. So, there will be less decay of the stored goods.
  • Skylights and large windows can bring in natural light, so there is less dependency on artificial light sources.
  • Reflective metal roof panels will redirect sunlight. Hence, less warm-up inside the building.

Reasons Why Every Home Needs a Metal Garage?

Increase Productivity

Recent research has shown that sustainable buildings like steel structures boost employee productivity. There has been a reported increase in 0.41 work hours per employee [source: NCBI].

No. 3: Easy Care & Enhanced Safety

One of the unique selling points (USP) of metal garages is that they have a low upkeep. Also, metals are sturdy and require less attention. This frees up your time & saves you bucks.

Steel garages have several health benefits compared to wood, such as your employees are not subjected to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This inversely affects their respiratory tract & can cause skin, eyes, or nose irritation.

Unlike wood, steel structures won’t need to be treated with chemicals to eliminate pests, fungi, or termites. So, your employees get to work in a safer environment.

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In conclusion, your employees are safe & your office is well protected too.

No. 4: Tax Concession

When your energy bills are low & you make an effort to go eco-friendly, you must be rewarded. Across the globe, many governments have initiated energy-saving programs for commercial purposes. For >example, in the US, you can get a tax deduction of $1.80 per square foot if you save 50% or more in the heating & cooling energy of the building. Have a look at the Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction page for more details.

To add to this, people nowadays have also become eco-conscious. They try to buy products from a brand that shows responsibility towards nature and society. So, you can pitch your product as eco-friendly to gain customer’s attention.

No. 5: Ease Of Expansion

When you shop metal garages, you can talk to your builder about future expansion possibilities. Instead of getting a fixed support end wall, ask them to install a removal one. In the future, when you want to expand your steel garage, all you will need to do is –

  • Remove the support end wall,
  • Install new side metal panels, &
  • Reinstall the support end wall back.

And voila! You have your new metal structure ready for use.

No. 6: Flexibility In Design

Every business tries its best to have a memorial signature brand image. Be it with their logo, style, or iconic building. You, too, can get an iconic metal building with steel garages by installing modern façades.

Not to mention steel buildings can also be given a rustic, modern, sleek look, or industrial look. You name it. Steel has it. You can go with a modern appeal or minimal look with your steel building. Additionally, you can use perforated metal panels as an exterior to showcase your brand name or message.

No. 7: Storage

Since you can regulate temperature effectively, you can use steel garages as cold storage. Installation of larger doors without additional frames and trusses is a positive point for metal structure. Larger doors will enable offloading and loading of goods easily.

All kinds of inventories can be stored in a metal building. You can also use it as a rental space to make some bucks.

No Counterparts To Viking Metal Garages

Whether you are a home business or need an affordable commercial space, Viking Metal Garages is there for you. You can tell about your ideal metal building & our best engineering team will help you to convert it into a reality. From colors to front façade, you can personalize our steel garages to give them your brand’s signature look.

So, take your business idea to the next level with Viking Metal Garages. Call now to book your custom sized steel structures. We often run exclusive deals and discount offers. So, don’t forget to hop on to the deal before they are gone. Call (704)-741-1587 today.

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