Plastic vs. Wood vs. Metal Shed: Which is the Right Investment for You?

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Plastic vs. Wood vs. Metal Shed: Which is the Right Investment for Your Building Construction Project?

Plastic vs. Wood vs. Metal Shed
  • March 23, 2021

Gone are the days when wood was the only alternative to construct perfect storage for your essentials, a carport for your vehicles, and a custom timber structure for numerous other purposes. The concept of stick buildings is entirely overpowered with the introduction of metal garage sheds.

Today, the demand for garage buildings has increased to a greater extent, and that’s why metal buildings are seen more often compared to other building alternatives.

But wait! Plastic sheds are also in the race to compete with wood and metal sheds. Which one among Wood, Plastic, and Metal Sheds best suits your needs and meets your expectation level?

Before moving ahead, take a glimpse of these building types:

Plastic Sheds: Most of you have often heard of vinyl or resin sheds Plastic sheds are either made from polyethylene or vinyl. Among different plastic sheds, only vinyl sheds are made to confront fire. Else, all other sheds are prone to fire and hence aren’t a wise investment. Vinyl sheds are popular among homeowners as they are resistant to moderate weather conditions and are resilient.

Wood Sheds: Wood structures are the traditional buildings that people rely on. These buildings were highly used years ago. However, the demand for wood sheds has declined with the introduction of steel buildings. Woods are prone to mold, pests, fire, and other weather hazards. It means they are less reliable to use for your purpose.

Metal Sheds: The steel sheds are the most economical yet sturdy option to protect your vehicles, livestock, haystack, and other valuables from harsh weather conditions. Steel garage sheds are highly preferred building options to stand still for decades without asking for frequent maintenance.

The trio has pros on cons on different aspects of their usage. However, these garage sheds must serve the basic necessities of every buyer. So, let’s check out these building options on different parameters.

Your Storage Requirements: Not everyone across the country has identical storage requirements. Some homeowners use a storage shed to store unnecessary household stuff. Whereas some others look it for getting a bigger space; so, they can utilize it for livestock, haystack storage building.

Wooden and plastic sheds work well if you have small storage requirements. For bigger storage areas, a metal shed is a reliable option. You can get up to 60-wide structures without any internal columns with a metal garage shed.

Protection From Harsh Weather: Protection from harsh weather conditions like hailstorms, heavy downpours, snow load, hurricanes, seismic waves, floods, etc. the primary reason for investing in a metal garage shed. Plastic and wood sheds easily erode due to adverse weather conditions. However, certified metal sheds can sustain extreme weather hazards and still protect your valuables with utmost care.

So, if your motive is to safeguard your livestock, haystack, etc., from weather elements, metal garage buildings are the ideal option to invest.

Level of Proficiency at Installation Time: Timber buildings always require professional experts for precise installation. So, you can’t do DIY installation and prepare your shed. On contrary to this, plastic sheds are easy to install and also comes in DIY Kits. So, you can customize the building your way. Simultaneously, metal sheds come with a DIY Kit option alongside the normal installation.

Metal structures are delivered in prefabricated components. You only need the components assembly at the job site. Hence, you save installation time and labor costs. In case of DIY Kits, you are provided with installation guides that assist you further in the installation process.

Durability: Durability is yet another prominent factor that is considered when selecting between stick buildings, plastic structures, and metal structures. Wood decay with time (due to pests, moisture, etc.) and hence it requires repairs or complete replacement of the structure. Simultaneously, plastic sheds can’t stand still for long. The plastic quality diminishes with time.

However, steel sheds are made to serve you for decades. Further, your periodic checkup can help you upkeep your structure well. The woodshed’s standard age is nearly 1-2 decades (with regular repairs and checkups). Moreover, vinyl sheds can last for 3-4 decades. Remember, vinyl sheds can only be replaced when their age is over.

Above all, steel shed buildings can last for 3-4 decades without frequent maintenance. However, if proper checkups and timely care are done, these structures can continue for more than 5 decades.

Impact on Nature: Wood structure installation means cutting of trees, which results in reforestation. In short, wood isn’t an economical option to provide shelter. Further, plastic is a non-biodegradable item that causes harm to the soil and affects nature. However, steel buildings are the future as they are 100% recyclable metal.

Steel sheds can be reused after the structure is demolished. Metal garage buildings are often called LEED-certified structures.

So, what’s your choice?

Undoubtedly, metal garage sheds outrank the other two options, but the right selection still relies on your necessities.

At Viking Metal Garages, you can choose from a broad range of metal garage sheds that fits your pocket and fulfill your requirements. You can further make customizations in any building. With a single call to our building experts, you can share the customizations required and order a fully-functional structure at your property.

All metal buildings offered by Viking Metal Garages comply with the local building codes; hence, they are made to last for decades. Further, you get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty if you buy your business building from us. To place your steel garage order or support, talk to us at (704)-741-1587.