Prefab Metal Buildings - Perfect to Start Your NC Furniture Business
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Prefab Metal Buildings – Perfect to Start Your NC Furniture Business

Prefab Metal Buildings - Perfect to Start Your NC Furniture Business
  • October 21, 2021

The furniture industry is a booming industry in North Carolina that has made it one of the favorite places for people looking for affordable and quality furniture for their homes, offices, and other businesses. North Carolina is one of the largest hubs of furniture. North Carolina individually accounts for more than 3 hundred furniture businesses that make it a challenging yet growing market across the globe.

Undoubtedly, the increasing demand and booming business make it mandatory to prepare an inventory and distribute furniture across the globe. However, this is not possible until you have a dedicated warehouse for your manufacturing units. Here comes the role of prefab metal buildings, where you can store different types of furniture and deliver them to various dealers/sellers worldwide.

You need a commercial metal building for the NC furniture business. With this investment, you will earn numerous benefits in terms of profit, least investment, and many more. Below listed are the traits of custom metal buildings that can be used to meet your furniture needs.

Metal Buildings are Affordable: It’s wrong to say that custom metal buildings are expensive. Instead, any small business owner can afford a metal building and continue using it for decades without demanding high repairs or upkeep costs. Steel buildings are affordable to purchase and cost-effective to maintain.

Provide 100% Usable Space: The best benefit of commercial metal building for your furniture business is 100% usage space. Yes! Steel buildings have no internal columns that make it a clear span building offering 100% usable space as per the need.

Less Upkeep Cost: Upkeep cost is an overlooked investment that many business owners never heed seriously. If you are already running a furniture business in North Carolina or planning to start a business soon, it’s essential to know that maintaining a steel building isn’t costly. Instead, it has a low upkeep cost as it requires minimal repairs.

Longevity: With a one-time investment, you can continue using your prefab steel building for at least 3-4 decades without fail. Moreover, you can extend its life beyond 3-4 decades with timely maintenance and regular checkups. Additionally, metal building dealers/manufacturers provide you with a 20-years workmanship warranty that further strengthens its longevity.

Multiple Customization Options: Not all businesses have the same requirement. If you have custom requirements for your new furniture business, metal buildings come with various customization options that you can choose to beautify your building and improve its functionality further. Different customization options available with Viking Metal Garages include:

  • Steel Gauges
  • Building Dimension
  • Certification
  • Gables, Trim, and Anchors
  • Colors

You can give us a call at (704)-823-6732 to discuss the customization needs.

Eco-Friendly Steel Buildings: When you invest in a metal building, you indirectly contribute to green nature. Yes! Steel is 100% recyclable material that discourages the cutting of trees. Hence, it helps you put an end to the deforestation problem in the country. Further, reusable steel minimizes the landfill problem as well.

Provide Supreme Safety: When it comes to the safety of your assets, a custom metal building is a right investment to make. The customized steel structure is highly secure and safe compared to conventional metal buildings. A steel building is fully capable of protecting your valuables from extreme weather conditions (hurricane, heavy snow load, floods, earthquake, etc.), theft, and vandalism.

Local Building Codes in North Carolina

Before you book an ideal steel building for your furniture business, it’s crucial to consider the local building codes that are mandatory for anyone planning to install a new steel structure in North Carolina. Adverse weather conditions are common in North Carolina. Hence, you need a certified steel building that can provide supreme protection against harsh weather.

Viking Metal Garages got you covered. We provide you with certified steel buildings at affordable prices. We ensure you get your order delivered in the shortest lead time. If you have any queries w.r.t. Certified metal buildings, we can discuss at (704)-823-6732.

So, what are you waiting for?

Viking Metal Garages is the one-stop destination to book your dream building and start your furniture business at a pace. We provide you with robust and sturdy steel structures that will serve you for a minimum of 3-4 decades without high upkeep costs. We also provide you with an easy RTO and Financing option to lessen your financial troubles. We ensure you stay free from monetary stress and book your dream building with a small deposit.