Functional Tips to Keep Your Commercial Steel Building in Shape for Decades
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Functional Tips to Keep Your Commercial Steel Building in Shape for Decades

Functional Tips to Keep Your Commercial Steel Building in Shape for Decades
  • November 1, 2021

Commercial steel buildings are gradually increasing across the USA due to their outstanding features and versatile offerings. More and more businesses are booming, and hence the demand for prefab steel buildings is rising.

Every business owner looks for a reliable and robust steel building as a commercial property and starts their business. Steel is a one-time investment that always brings a big query, i.e., how long will a prefab commercial building serve you, and how can you extend its lifespan?

The average life of a commercial steel building is 3-4 decades, followed by timely maintenance. Yet, you should note that steel structures never demand high upkeep costs compared to conventional wood buildings.

Another big reason commercial steel buildings are highly recommended over conventional wood structures is getting a column-free structure. YES! In a steel building, you don’t have internal columns, which means you get 100% usable space for your purposes.

Now comes the prime question, i.e., how you can keep your commercial steel building alive for decades. Below are some must-to-follow tips that can help you achieve a long lifespan.

Buy a Vertical Roof Building: Often, commercial steel buildings are delivered with vertical roof structures as they require to match the local building codes and standards. Moreover, commercial purpose buildings always require utmost strength that is only provided by a vertical roof. If your commercial metal building size is small, you can even go with an A-frame roof; however, it won’t provide you complete protection against harsh weather conditions.

Check Your Building for Rust: It is more likely to get rusted if you leave any peeled-off area on steel panels. However, you should note that commercial buildings are made with 100% galvanized steel, making them highly efficient to confront adverse weather without rusting issues.

Still, if you encounter any initial signs of rusting on the peeled-off steel sheet, you should immediately pay attention and work on the rust removal process. If required, you can replace the rusted part to bring the building back to life.

Ensure Proper Ventilation: Ventilation is necessary when using your commercial garage building for inventory storage or other purposes. Proper ventilation helps your building to stay fresh and free from toxic gases. Further, poor ventilation causes condensation and invites moisture in your building, which can cause big trouble for your structure.

Avoid Unnecessary Modification: Viking Metal Garages always allow you to make customizations before placing the order. This way, you can save on additional modification costs and won’t compromise with its strength.

Metal building experts highly recommend not to consider unnecessary modifications in your building as it can take its strength at risk. You will further experience unexpected issues in the future.

Check Joints & Hinges Regularly: With regular usage of walk-in doors, roll-up garage doors, and windows, their hinges either get rusted or damaged. Hence, it’s important to ensure the proper functioning of the joints & hinges, which can help you in smooth day-to-day functioning.

If everything is in good condition, don’t forget to oil them regularly that will extend its life further.

Don’t Miss Insulation: Missing insulation in your commercial building can put your inventory, vehicle, livestock, or other essentials at risk. Insulation makes sure the inside temperature is controlled and your valuables are safe from moisture/condensation. You can choose from different insulation options provided by the metal building dealer/manufacturer. Give us a call at (704)-823-6732 to discuss the insulation options and book your commercial steel building today.

Repaint Your Structure Whenever Required: As mentioned earlier, a peeled-off steel panel can invite rusting, which degrades the building strength. Hence, it’s important to repaint your commercial structure whenever required. Painting your building gives a remarkable look and brings its charm back. Further, it covers the area with a peeled-off galvanization layer and further protects it from weather trouble.

So, what are you waiting for?

Viking Metal Garages is the one-stop destination to provide you with a comprehensive range of commercial metal buildings at a highly affordable price. We assure you of a premium quality commercial building with free delivery. Some manufacturers even provide you with free installation that saves your significant investment. Don’t worry about paying full upfront. Viking Metal Garages allows you to book any structure with a small deposit and book a building with an easy RTO or Financing option.