Take a Smart Move with Rent-to-Own Metal Garages
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Take a Smart Move with Rent-to-Own Metal Garages

  • June 6, 2022

Most people feel the need for an outdoor structure after they find the necessity for additional space or their neighbor has recently installed a similar structure. Many of you start dreaming of one such building on your land. Unfortunately, a lack of funds restricts you from taking a step forward to your dream garage building.

Viking Metal Garages understand how you feel when you have a dream to own a steel building, but monetary funds are blocking your efforts to turn a dream into reality. Hence, we have a great option that suits you best and provides a perfect payment option for your dream metal garage. We are talking about the Rent-to-Own program offered by Viking Metal Garages.

We are a renowned metal garage dealer in the USA, providing premium yet 100% American-made steel garages at highly competitive prices. We have a dealership with top metal garage manufacturers that promises quality and timely garage delivery at your land.

With RTO Program, you can purchase a building by paying a fraction of the entire cost. The rest amount is converted into monthly installments. If you can’t afford to pay the whole sum upfront, our Rent-to-Own program can let you order your dream garage building for a small down payment. Our RTO programs make it simple for customers to get ownership of our large selection of metal garages.

Benefits of Rent-To-Own

Instant Approval: Unlike other financing choices, where you may wait for days to get approval, you get instant approval with RTO payment. Viking Metal Garages responds immediately to your request and ensure it gets approved on the same day.

No Credit Checks: Credit score plays a significant role in getting quick loan approval for any steel garage. In the RTO program, we don’t ask for a credit check. Instead, we allow you to purchase your building quickly.

Small Down Payment: Rent-to-Own allows you to own a garage building with little money upfront and month-on-month payments. Hence, you can protect your assets now with a minimal down payment. Our RTO Calculator can also help you figure out your monthly payment.

Pay-off Anytime: Under RTO, you get the option to pay off your pending amount anytime and get 100% ownership of the prefab metal garage. You can purchase a garage through RTO taking the rest amount as overdue to next month. You continue to pay for the garage until the full garage building is paid. However, if you receive a significant amount of money, you can get garage ownership by paying the left-over garage price.

Month on Month Contract: Not every garage user prefers using the building for long. Hence, they prefer closing the agreement days before the deadline. This facility isn’t available in any building options. However, with Viking Metal Garages, we let you choose the right steel garage for your land.

Lock Current Garage Price: With the RTO option, you can lock in your purchase price, which usually increases with the increase in steel price, market demand, and other influencing factors. Currently, you are renting, but in a few years, you could purchase the property outright. It’s a fantastic strategy that stays within your means and pays off with immediate equity at the end of the program.

Free Delivery: Viking Metal Garages take care of delivery and ensure the building components reach your land safely.

Buy Rent-To-Own Garages

Anyone who needs a prefab garage can get one from Viking Metal Garages, regardless of their financial situation. We know that not everyone has the financial capability to order the garage they require without any delay. Therefore, we have made it as simple as possible for anyone to benefit from their exceptional products by offering the garages with the RTO program.

At Viking Metal Garages, we provide you with premium metal garages that can serve you for decades without demanding high upkeep. Our comprehensive catalog lets you buy any garage as-is or customize it to match your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a smart move today with RTO metal garages.