Uplift Your Aerospace Business in Missouri with Prefab Steel Garages
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Uplift Your Aerospace Business in Missouri with Prefab Steel Garages

Uplift Your Aerospace Business in Missouri with Prefab Steel Garages
  • May 30, 2022

The Aerospace industry is booming with pace in Missouri. The ‘Show Me State’ has been a home for many big aerospace companies; some of them are:

  • Alcoa Titanium & Engineered Products
  • Aviation Technical Services, (Kansas City)
  • Boeing
  • Ducommun
  • Essex Industries Inc.

All these organizations have invested a significant sum in building a strong and durable infrastructure. Interestingly, steel buildings can be the best companion, providing multiple advantages over other options.

Missouri has been the perfect place to jumpstart your aerospace business. Multiple reasons make Missouri the ideal place to uplift the aerospace business.

Thriving Manufacturing Sector: Missouri has been a perfect place for aerospace manufacturing. According to some reports, Missouri is among the top 5 states for aerospace manufacturing, making it perfect.

Quality Workforce: A strong and proficient workforce is always recommended for a successful business. Missouri has a talented workforce experienced in various aerospace operations & tasks.

Interestingly, Missouri has more than 140-degree institutions that give 4000 degrees in engineering-related fields, bringing new opportunities for aerospace companies to hire new talent.

Feasible Working Environment: Industry-leading companies always look for a feasible environment to establish their business. Interestingly, Missouri has the perfect working place for youngsters.

Apart from a feasible working environment, the facilities are also in favour of aerospace businesses. Missouri has low taxes, energy rates, and jet fuel prices that make it the best option working space for aerospace industries.

Quick Connectivity: The state has proximity to most of its states, making the transportation of products/components easy anywhere requested. However, it’s crucial to learn the aerospace terms and take care of the storage competition.

Now, when it comes to manufacturing big airplanes, it’s equally important to think about how to keep them safe.

Viking Metal Garages give you the big metal garage building that covers your need and provides assurance for decades to come. We provide you with all designs of custom steel structures that last for decades and provide utmost protection to your airplanes, light aircraft, and other essential business assets.

Why Prefab Steel Garages?

It is a big query for every business as it is a one-time investment that will last till it serves your purpose. When it comes to prefabricated metal buildings, multiple traits dominate over their alternatives. Below listed are the benefits of considering custom metal buildings in Missouri.

Clear Span Area: A big yet 100% usable area is the basic necessity for commercial needs. This brings custom steel garages in limelight as they provide you 100% clear span area to use. Metal garages can be built with up to 300’-width without requiring internal columns for support. Clear span metal garages are incomparable to the alternatives available in the construction industry.

Certifications Available: Commercial steel garages are always delivered with certifications based on local building codes. Certification ensures your building remains as-is in high winds, snowfall, hurricane, flood, and even earthquake scenarios. Investing in certified steel garages is highly recommended to stay secure & safe for decades to come.

Long Lifespan: Commercial garages are a one-time investment; hence they are purchased less. However, if you invest in worthless products, it will require frequent maintenance. Custom steel garage buildings in Missouri are made for at least 3-to 4 decades, almost double the life of a wood garage. Moreover, steel structures don’t require frequent upkeep as they are resistant to pests, termites, wildfires, and more.

Green Buildings: Contribution to nature is a big step that isn’t possible for everyone. You take a great initiative by investing in green buildings for your aerospace business. Metal buildings are made of steel which is 90% recycled and reused to save money on the final price.

FACT: Missouri is already home to 100 aerospace manufacturing companies.

This gives you a strong reason why Missouri is the perfect place for the aerospace industries to touch the sky with glory.

So, if you are also planning to start your aerospace business in Missouri, Viking Metal Garages can help you. Whether flying planes is a pastime or a business, Viking Metal Garages‘ aviation hangar design and construction will provide a quality structure that protects your investment from the elements.

Connect us via call (704)-823-6732, and we will help you find the clear span steel garage in Missouri Our metal buildings are entirely tailored to meet the specific demands of our customers, resulting in smart, energy-efficient, and ecologically friendly structures. You can also choose from multiple buying options based on dimensions, size, customization, and color scheme.

We understand your financial troubles and give you options to choose from RTO & Financing.

Our Rent-To-Own program is the ideal option for buyers with a bad credit score. Under RTO, buyers get funds with no credit checks. Moreover, it comes with a month-on-month agreement that offers complete liberty to decide whether you want to continue using your garage further.

Another great option is metal garage financing which helps finance your steel garage with the lowest interest rates. We have tie-ups with top lenders offering low-interest rates on your finance amount.

What more do you want? Now is the right time to make a smart move and start your aerospace business with long-lasting steel garage buildings.

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