The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right 30 Wide Metal Garage

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right 30 Wide Metal Garage

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right 30 Wide Metal Garage
  • June 5, 2024

Garage buildings are a staple of most American households. They hold cars, stuff, clutter, and whatnot. They are not just convenient but also highly functional units. 30’ wide garages offer a size that gives space to park a sedan along with some storage. Let’s explore this further.

What Do We Mean By 30’ Wide Garages?

It is a metal building structure that is as wide as 30 feet but can vary in height and length. The extra features include the following:

  1. Insulation
  2. Ventilation
  3. Windows
  4. Doors (usually roll-on, hinged, aluminum frame glass, or walk-in)
  5. Electric & water lines

But Why Choose Metal 30’ Wide Garages?

Because they have the following advantages over traditional ones.

1. The structural steel has 25 times more strength than timber.

2. Metal is cost-effective, easy, low-maintenance, and retains its structural durability in the long run.

3. Metal material has anti-fungal, inorganic, dense, and non-porous properties, making it resistant to rust, weather, and pests.

4. Additionally, metal is also non-combustible and sustainable.

Guide On How To Choose The Right 30’ Wide Metal Garage

But what criteria must you consider before selecting a steel garage with a 30 ft. width? Here are some basic things. Have a look.

Assess Your Need For


How much parking space do you need? This area will depend on the number of cars and their types. For instance, a sedan car will need less space than an SUV or mini truck. Measure the dimensions of the vehicle(s) that you want to park.


Do you need additional space to keep garden tools, seasonal belongings, or home clutters? Calculate the area these items might need.

Workshop | Home Office

If you do hobby projects or office work, would you like to consider additional space for it? You could, for example, install a workbench, some storage, or an office table and chair. If yes, consider how much space you will need.

Once you have calculated everything, sum it up to get a rough estimate of the square footage you must consider when installing a 30’ wide metal garage.

How Much Space Do You Have On Your Property?

Actual Usable Space

Measure the square footage on your property where the steel garage has to be installed. When measuring, consider setback rules and space that you won’t be allowed to use as per your local municipality.

Opt for a place with good drainage, even terrain, and quality soil that will keep the foundation stable. The chosen area must also be easily accessible and have plenty of space to maneuver.

Local Rules

Every area has zoning and building laws that you must follow. Visit your city, county, or rural region website to learn more. Generally, you are not allowed to have a garage space larger than 1,000 square feet, but the rules may vary.

Types Of 30’ Wide Garage Buildings

Next is what type of metal garage building you want to install. Here are some:

Clear Span

It gives you the maximum carpet area for the available space. The clear span metal building has no internal support column. We highly recommend considering clear span 30’ wide garages for your lot.

Fully Enclosed

A fully enclosed steel garage is best for parking cum workshop or office space. It provides safety and security. In addition, the building can be sealed and fully insulated to regular indoor temperature and moisture.

Tall Garage Building

Consider garages with more height (~ 14 to 20 feet tall) if you want to park an RV or other motorhome. The height will give ample clearance to the RV’s vents, ducts, and antennae (if any). 

Additional Dwelling Unit

30’ wide garage buildings are not just for parking. You can create a guest house unit. So, when a family member or friend comes over, you can make them stay comfortably.

Some Examples Of 30’ Wide Garages

30’ x 30’ x 10’This fully enclosed metal garage is best for parking two cars with some storage space.
30’ x 31’ x 16’Create a vertical metal garage for parking an RV or two cars.
30’ x 41’ x 12’You can park two cars and add a lean-to for keeping garden tools.
30’ x 50’ x 14’You can easily park three cars with an additional place for storage.
30’ x 71’ x 14’You can convert it into a cafe-style restaurant or a hardware shop.  

A standard 30’ wide metal garage has a roll-on door for parking, at least two windows on either side and a walk-in door to access storage with insulated panels. You can add a lean-to for shade or an outdoor seating area.

How Can Multi-Functional 30’ Wide Garages Be?

Apart from the parking garage, you can use it as follows:

  • Workshop
  • Office space
  • Cafeteria or other restaurant
  • Storage space
  • External guest house
  • Storing agricultural farm vehicles and tools

Viking Metal Garages Can Help You Choose The Perfect 30’ Wide Metal Garage

We provide top-quality structural steel that is space-efficient and affordable and helps you secure a permit easily. You can create multiple uses of these structures as they are highly versatile and customizable. To get over 10+ color options with excellent craftsmanship, call (704)-741-1587 today and get a free quote!

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