What to Consider While Converting a Garage into an Apartment
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What to Consider While Converting a Garage into an Apartment

What to Consider While Converting a Garage into an Apartment
  • February 5, 2020

Are you planning to transform your cluttered garage into an apartment?

Apart from providing additional storage space for cars, recreational vehicles, equipment, or create a workshop; a metal garage is a great choice for a new living space. If you have a metal garage at your property, after remodeling it into an apartment, you can rent it out to tenants for extra income.

Although the garage transformation into a living apartment isn’t easy and requires enough time for execution, some steps can help you execute the entire process smoothly.

In the complete remodeling process, below listed are the vital steps that you must follow.

Start with Local Permits

If you are a new metal garage buyer, you won’t love to spend time in excess paperwork after the apartment is ready to relocate. Even if you are converting your existing garage, multiple permits are required to complete the transformation process; some of them include electricity, plumbing permits, etc. In some cases, manual inspection is needed to get proper permits before altering your storage garage into the living compartment.

Metal Garage Plans

Proper planning is vital to get adequate living space from your awesome garage. However, you require a perfect metal garage plan with sufficient facilities at an affordable price. While implementing a garage plan, ensure the sturdiness and ease of use traits aren’t compromised, including security and ample space.

Go For Interior Decoration

Now comes the essential part of altering your steel garage into a living space. All interior decoration require managing every corner of the garage and renovating it into your dream apartment. You can paint your floor, add a carpet, settle wall hangings, and various other decoratives to make the metal building look great.

Install Proper Wiring & Pipes

For the living, you will also require proper electricity connection alongside plumbing installation. Prefer building your kitchen and bathroom with a shared wall, minimizing your plumbing efforts. The more wiring and pipes you require in your apartment, the more expensive it will become for you. So, you should always prefer consulting with a metal garage specialist for assistance.

Don’t Forget Insulating Your Apartment

Regardless of your purpose of using the apartment, you shouldn’t avoid adding insulation to your metal building. It helps in reducing condensation and offers temperature control within the building. Viking Metal Garages provide Single Bubble, Double Bubble, and Woven R-17 insulation options. To grab more knowledge about the most preferred insulation for your metal garage, give us a call at (704)-823-6732.

Commonly Asked Questions about Metal Garages Remodeling

How much does it cost to convert a metal garage into an apartment?

Answer: The metal garage remodeling cost entirely depends upon metal garage plans, customizations and additional features, including the type of anchors, certifications, etc.

Which metal roof type is best suited for a metal garage turned apartment?

Answer: From Standard, A-Frame, and Vertical Roof styles, you can choose anyone depending upon your budget and requirements. However, for longevity and sustainability against harsh weather elements (heavy rainfall, snowfall, high winds, etc.), metal building specialists recommend opting Vertical Style Roof.

Is it possible to make the custom design of a metal garage?

Answer: YES! Viking Metal Garages offers you to call our metal building experts and share your custom building requirements. You can make custom design your metal garage that can serve your apartment needs.

For other similar queries, you can reach our building experts at (704)-823-6732 and find the perfect metal building solution to meet your needs.