What You Should Know About Metal Building Warranty?

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What You Should Know About Metal Building Warranty?

What You Should Know About Metal Building Warranty
  • August 9, 2023

Whenever customers make a significant investment, they seek reassurance. One way to provide this is through a warranty, a written agreement that manufacturers must fulfill if their product fails to deliver as promised. A warranty gives customers peace of mind and guarantees that the purchased steel building will perform well, even in challenging conditions.

Metal buildings like big garages or huge barns are heavy investments for people. As a result, they seek assurances that the dealer stands behind their product. This is given in the form of a warranty.

Do you want to know more about warranties for metal buildings? Specifically, what does a warranty cover, and who issues it? A warranty is written proof provided to the buyer by the manufacturer. It ensures that certain parts of the building will be repaired or replaced within a designated timeframe. Let’s dive into the details.  

Points to Ponder About Metal Building Warranty


  • Warranties are given to the original owner of the metal building.
  • Transferring ownership or paperwork is not valid either.
  • You only own the warranty if you have handled buying & installation.
  • Only the actual builder owner can claim for the damage or failure covered under warranties.
  • You should check for a metal building warranty before purchasing someone’s home with a preinstalled metal structure.

Do Not Cover Natural Calamities

  • Commonly termed an ‘Act of God,’ natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes are not covered under warranties.
  • Metal building suppliers provide certified structures that can tolerate a certain amount of wind speed, snow load, and rainfall.
  • In case you are wondering how to recover from a loss due to a natural disaster – metal building insurance have you covered! Your home insurance covers weather-related incidents like wind, hail, lightning, and wildfires.

Written Format Only

  • When you are taking warranties, ensure they are in proper written format.
  • All claims for warranty should be in writing. You can apply it on paper or online.
  • Any verbal warranty, given or claimed, does not count in a court of law.
  • The actual owner or their legal representative must only submit the claim.
  • When buying a metal structure, please read the fine print thoroughly before signing it.

Geo Limitation

  • Some warranties are location specific.
  • Geographical limitation can be due to country of origin, state where the manufacturer is located, or some other reason.
  • Before buying a metal garage, talk to your dealer about this in detail.

Vital for Both Parties 

  • A written warranty is essential for supplier and buyer both.
  • The warranty covers premature failures.
  • When you are offered a warranty, that implies that the supplier is sure about their product’s quality.

Post Installation Modification

  • Any modification in the steel structure without informing manufacturers will void the metal building warranty.
  • Anything event out of the manufacturer’s control is not applicable in warranty.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty only covers ‘Inbound Issues.’

*Inbound Issue – an issue that the manufacturer can fix.

Questions you should ask your metal suppliers:

  • Length of warranty.
  • If you can see any copy of the warranty.
  • The financial state of the company.
  • Year of experience the company has.
  • Type of warranty (direct or pass-through from supplier to manufacturer.)

What’s included in the warranty?

The warranty comes in two types:

  • Standard – installer and manufacturer are different. The installer can cover the first two years and then leave it to the manufacturer.
  • Single source – the manufacturer is responsible for warranty from start to end. So, if the installer goes out of business, it’s the manufacturer who will be providing labor & material.  
  • Paint warranty includes the performance of paint like chalk, fade, and film integrity.
  • A regular warranty can include the following:
    • Rust-through warranty
    • Steel panel warranty (varies with gauge)
    • Workmanship warranty

*Exact years vary with suppliers.

What’s Excluded From the Warranty?

There are specific claims that are commonly not covered under warranties. These are:

  • Red rusting
  • Flaking of the galvanized coating
  • Excessive fade
  • Differential weathering

Rusting is not covered under warranty. However, with proper installation & care, it can be avoided. A certified constructor will use proper tools and equipment. Installers with the wrong tools can expose the building to rust.

Roof leak after 20 years is covered under a special warranty outside raw material defect, workmanship, or finish warranty.

The paint’s warranty is not the same as a roof leak.

How to Avoid any Mishaps? 

Buying only from a reputed manufacturer is the best way to avoid any trouble. It will boost your confidence in the product. An added warranty will ensure if anything goes south, the manufacturer will take care of it.

So It All Adds Up to This:

It would help if you bought a metal garage from a certified and reputable manufacturer. It will ensure your metal building will last long with little maintenance. Viking Metal Garages provide high-quality steel structures that last long.

Viking Metal Garages provides a warranty over a wide range of panels to workmanship. We are just one call away. So what are you waiting for? Connect to us to book your metal garage today.