Which Fire Resistant Structure Should You Invest In?
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Which Fire Resistant Structure Should You Invest In?

Which Fire Resistant Structure Should You Invest In?
  • November 24, 2021

According to the National Interagency Fire Centre, in 2020 there were 58,950 wildfires compared with 50,477 in 2019.

That’s the reason investing in a fire-resistant building is a must if you are investing your hard-earned money for a long-term asset. Steel buildings are the right option to put your money in. However, it’s tough for first-time buyers to make the right decision as they have light gauge steel buildings and red-iron steel buildings. Both of them share the same benefits and properties. Still, they vary to some extent that brings a significant difference in decision making.

The biggest hassle with fire-prone buildings is damage to your assets, and sometimes it also results in loss of your loved ones.

FACT: Nearly one-third of firefighter fatalities are the result of structural collapse.

Now, there are three prime options when it comes to finding the right shelter for you and your valuables.

Wooden Buildings:

Wood easily catches fire, so you don’t need further explanation. Instead, wood encourages fire and burns fast, which gives you less time to rescue your valuables and loved ones. Whether it is a wildfire or an in-house short circuit, your wood structure catches fire easily and takes a few minutes to flame up.

In case of a wood fire, firefighters get less time to curb the fire, and hence you lose most of your assets. That’s the reason they always hate working on a wood structure. Instead, wood homes are also less recommended for homeowners.

Light Gauge Steel Buildings:

Another option that homeowners have is light gauge steel structures that are incombustible and save you from fire hazards. However, one major problem with light gauge metal buildings is that they heat up fast, increasing the pressure in-house and collapsing the entire structure within a few minutes.

Firefighters need to cool down the building before entering and start the rescue process. They need to put lots of water on the structure to decline its temperature and curb the fire. However, many valuables are lost in this waiting period, putting a financial burden on your pocket.

Red Iron Steel Structures:

The third and most reliable option for the homeowners is red iron structures, where the structure is built with strong and heavy-duty steel frames. Interestingly, red iron steel is not commercially graded as fireproof; still, it can resist fire to a greater extent when compared to other building options. It is above 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit when the steel frame starts losing its integrity and can collapse anytime.

Now, it is clear that wood is neither capable nor recommended as a construction option for your home or commercial building. Steel is the ideal investment that you should make. Nowadays, prefabricated steel buildings are available to buy that are certified against harsh weather conditions and are capable of safeguarding your essentials from fire.

You should note that buying a certified metal building costs you higher than other steel building options. Hence you can save a significant amount by asking your local authority about the local building codes. If you are living in an area with normal weather conditions, you can go with a standard prefab steel building that has the potential to provide utmost protection to your valuables and safeguard them from theft and normal weather conditions.

Viking Metal Garages is the right place to start your buying journey. Our fire-resistant buildings are superior compare to any other building. Unlike wood-framed structures built of flammable materials, metal structures are entirely made of steel. So, our high-quality steel construction is non-combustible, according to the International Building Code.

With us, you can find various buying options including RTO and finance that fit your budget. With do provide various discounts during festive seasons and special occasions. You can give us a call at (704)-823-6732 and discuss your building requirements.

We ensure you get a certified and fireproof steel building at your place (if ordered) in the shortest lead time. So, don’t waste your time researching further. Instead, connect with one of our metal garage experts and book your dream building right away. We give you 100% American-made steel garages at highly affordable prices.