Crucial Metal Building Foundation Mistakes You Should Never Commit
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Crucial Metal Building Foundation Mistakes You Should Never Commit

Crucial Metal Building Foundation Mistakes You Should Never Commit
  • November 17, 2021

How many of you are fully experienced in preparing your metal building foundation well before the building arrives at your property for installation?

The process of building the right foundation starts with pouring the slab rightly. Still, many of you make numerous mistakes that cause you to harm later on. The best way to ensure the right foundation is setup for your steel structure is to know the mistakes and skip them in your foundation process.

Now before you learn about foundation mistakes, it’s essential to know the basics of metal building foundation. Steel building foundations are challenging. The right foundation is vital for holding the steel structure with the ground and sustaining it against harsh weather conditions.

NOTE: Before planning your foundation and ordering a prefab steel building, don’t forget to take the building permit.

Below are some considerations that you should keep in mind when preparing the right foundation for your metal buildings.

Check The Soil Quality: The quality of soil matters a lot before pouring your foundation. You should check the soil content and find how much clay content is available. A poor soil quality means your structure will easily sink into the ground quickly, causing you a heavy monetary loss. That’s why you should always ask the local building authority to check out the soil in your area.

Check Frost Line: What is a frost line? The maximum depth where your ground freezes is called the frost line. The frost line of your area also affects the type of foundation. Hence you should ask your local building authority for the frost line and build your foundation accordingly.

Your Building Weight: Yes! Your metal building weight affects the foundation. You should know how much weight your foundation can bear.

Once you consider the points mentioned above and answer your doubts, it becomes easy to make the right foundation for your building.

Choose the Right Metal Building Foundation System

There are three foundation systems available for prefab metal buildings.

  • Slab: Basically, a concrete slab is created in a floor format, where the entire steel structure is supported.
  • Pier: For pier foundation, you need concrete piers that provide enough support to the entire structure. Often structures that are not fully enclosed use a pier foundation. Multiple piers are poured within the foundation.
  • Perimeter wall: It is also known as perimeter footing. Here the building foundation is poured around the exterior structure.

Don’t Miss Column Bolts

Column bolts are a must to provide high strength to your building and bind it with the foundation. The bolts are fixed when the foundation is poured, adding extensive strength to the base and your steel structure. It’s important to note that precise bolt placement ensures the columns perfectly fit with the bolts.

In any case, leaving space within the bolts and base rails, your building will be exposed to moisture and develop condensation.

Pour Foundation After the Design Plan is Prepared

You have already ordered the building! So, you know the building size. Still, it’s essential to wait for the engineering drawing before pouring the foundation.

Many last-minute changes in the engineering design may affect the foundation, and hence you should consult with the concerned team to finalize the foundation plan so that you can proceed further.

The million-dollar tip here is to consult with a professional engineer who can better understand your ground and provide you with the right foundation design. The engineer can help you know the first line, building weight, and other important factors when preparing the right foundation for your ordered steel structure.

With that said, you should always pay keen attention to the foundation of your steel building, as it will make or break your investment. Right foundation will ensure the longevity of your prefab steel structure and retain its weight for decades without fail. On the contrary, a poor foundation will decrease the overall building strength and can directly impact your essentials.

Viking Metal Garages can help you in this regard. With a dedicated team of metal building professionals, we will help you find the ideal building and provide adequate assistance for the foundation that best suits your building. So, give us a call today and discuss your dream building requirements.