DIY Boat Maintenance Guide for Beginners | Infographic
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DIY Boat Maintenance Guide for Beginners

May 11, 2021

Do you have a car, RV, or a boat standing under a single shelter?

Well, boat is one of the vessels that also need timely maintenance to stay alive for long. But boat maintenance is a bit different from car or RV maintenance. Hence, you always need to follow the right steps to maintain your boat in the right way.

Viking Metal Garages has created a detailed boat maintenance guide in the form of infographics.

The entire infographic (boat maintenance guide) is bifurcated into sections, including:

  • Tips to Maintain Your Boat
    • Clean the Exterior
    • Store Your Boat Properly
    • Boat Engine Maintenance
      • Marine Battery Care
      • Fuel Systems
      • Fuel Stabilizers
      • Check Your Engine Oil
      • Propeller
      • Bilge Pump
      • Electrical Lines
      • Other Fluid Levels
      • Hull
  • Supplies Required to Maintain Your Boat
  • Basic Boat Trailer Maintenance

DIY Boat Maintenance Guide for Beginners

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