Prefab Metal Buildings: Best Self Storage Buildings for Entrepreneurs
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Prefab Metal Buildings: Best Self Storage Buildings for Entrepreneurs

Prefab Metal Buildings: Best Self Storage Buildings for Entrepreneurs
  • November 9, 2021

Post COVID-19, numerous new businesses have started that give a new pace to the country’s economy. As an entrepreneur, if you are planning a business, a self-storage business is a good option to consider. With one time investment in self-storage metal buildings, you can operate your business efficiently and start making a profit.

When there are numerous other business options, why should you consider a self-storage business?

Below are some reasons why the self-storage business is good to go.

Good Real Estate Investment: Installing self-storage buildings on your property means you are covering your property with a long-lasting & robust steel building. Metal building installation at your property increases its value.

High ROI Business: Running a self-storage business is a highly profitable business that can give you an annual ROI of up to 17%. According to the stats, self-storage has proven to be recession-resistant and is projected to have a CAGR of 134.79% between 2020 and 2025.

Low-Interest Rates: Buying and installing a prefab metal building at your lot doesn’t affect your bank account. Instead, the financing options available with metal buildings have low-interest rates compared to other construction alternatives.

Increased Demand: During the global pandemic scenario, demand for self-storage buildings has increased at a significant rate. So, its demand will continue regardless of any pandemic situation.

Custom Metal Buildings – Best to Start your Self-Storage Business

You have timber and steel as the two major options to build your self-storage building. Finding the right one is challenging. Viking Metal Garages highly recommend you steel self-storage structures over timber buildings. Here are the reasons why you should make such a decision.

Build to Last: Custom metal buildings have a lifespan of about 3-4 decades, whereas a timber structure can only last for 1-2 decades. This brings a huge difference between the two and makes steel structures dominate.

Less Upkeep Cost: Your prime focus is to make a profit if you plan to invest in a self-storage business. Investing in timber structures will require high upkeep, including regular painting, repairs, pest control, and many more. These issues are not present in prefab steel structures. In short, the upkeep cost of steel buildings is far less than wood buildings.

Certified Structures: Viking Metal Garages provide you with certified metal buildings capable of confronting harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy rainfall, snowfall, and other weather hazards.

Multiple Customization Options: Every steel building is provided with numerous customization options that you can select when ordering. The customization options help you beautify your structure and amplify its functionality.

Self-Storage Buildings -Attractive Option for Homeowners

Fact: Over 70% of mini-storage renters are homeowners.

Running a self-storage business doesn’t require heavy manpower and monetary involvement. Instead, it only requires a one-time investment that gives you long-term benefits. For homeowners, a self-storage business is a cost-effective option that has a bright future.

Order a Self-Storage Building Today

So, now is the right time to plan your self-storage business and find a perfect investment. Viking Metal Garages provide you with a comprehensive range of custom steel buildings that can suit your storage business at an affordable price. All metal buildings offered by us are manufactured by the top metal building manufacturers across the globe.

We ensure everyone across the USA is capable of making a smart purchase and starting their business. We provide you with quick RTO and quick Financing options that let you order your favorite structure without worrying about full payment.

With our RTO option, you don’t need to worry about having a bad credit score. Under our RTO program, we provide you with a designed amount with no credit checks. Further, the RTO provides you with an easy pay-off option that lets you complete the dues and take ownership of the storage building.

Under our financing option, we provide you with low-interest loans. We have tie-ups with top banks and lenders who provide you with designed sums with low-interest rates.

So, what are you waiting for? A fully certified self-storage building awaits you. Give us a call at (704)-823-6732 to discuss your custom needs or surf our vast catalogue to find the ideal metal building.